Course Topics

  • Working knowledge of maritime security terms and definitions
  • maritime security levels
  • security reporting procedures
  • procedures and requirements for drills and exercises under relevant conventions
  • codes and IMO circulars
  • procedures for conducting inspections and surveys and monitoring of security activities specified in a ship security plan
  • security related contingency plans
  • Knowledge of security documentation
  • Knowledge enabling recognition of potential security threats
  • Knowledge enabling recognition of weapons dangerous substances and devices and awareness of the damage they can cause
  • crowd management and control techniques
  • handling security related information and security related communications
  • methods for physical searches and non-intrusive inspections
  • Knowledge of techniques for monitoring restricted areas
  • Knowledge of controlling access to the ship and to restricted areas onboard
  • methods for effective monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the ship
  • methods for controlling the embarkation, disembarkation and access while onboard of persons and their effects
  • General knowledge of various types of security equipment and systems, including their limitations
  • Need for testing, calibrating and maintaining security systems and equipment

Working knowledge of maritime security terms and definitions