Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers (AECS)

Course Topics

  • Course Introduction
  • The STCW Convention, 1978 as amended
  • Background to STCW
  • The Need for Revision
  • Overview of the Revised STCW Convention
  • Process Overview
  • Intemational Instruments
  • General Objectives
  • Certification of Fishermen and for High-Speed Craft
  • STCW Certificate Requirements
  • National Legislative and Administrative Framework
  • Quality System
  • Quality Standards
  • Quality Management System
  • ISM Code
  • Assessing Applications
  • Information for Applications
  • Procedures for Assessing Applications
  • Requirements in Training and Assessment
  • Regulation on Training and Assessment
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Training and Assessment 
  • On Board Training and Assessment
  • Distance Learning E-learning
  • Approving Training, Assessment and Records
  • Specification of Standards
  • Evaluation Against Standards
  • Maintenance Of Standards
  • Competence-Based Standards
  • Competence-Based Training
  • Table of Competence in the STCW Code as Amended 
  • Competence-Based Assessment
  • Collecting and Matching Evidence to Standards
  • Review and Follow-Up
  • Quality Assurance
  • Developing Written Tests
  • Examination Methodology
  • Quality of Tests
  • Subjective-Type Tests
  • Supply-Type Tests
  • Objective-Type Tests
  • Calculations
  • Compiling Tests
  • Simulator-Based Tests 
  • Invigilation of Tests
  • Written Test
  • Publications and Equipment
  • Communications
  • Scoring Tests
  • Scoring Subjective Tests
  • Scoring Objective Tests
  • Reviewing Marginal Cases
  • Oral and Practical Tests
  • Shipboard Assessment
  • Maintenance of Standards
  • Review of Test Material
  • Failure
  • Appeals
  • Recognizing Certificates
  • Dispensations, Exemptions and Equivalents
  • Revalidation of Certificates
  • Suspension and Revocation
  • Administration
  • Issuing and Replacing Certificates
  • Enforcement of Standards
  • Upholding the Responsibilities of Companies
  • Course Review

Course Introduction

Course Introduction


The Scope of the course includes instructions on the assessment, examination and certification of seafarers covering the provisions for training, assessment, examination & certification of Masters, officers and Ratings of the STCW Convention; the implementation of these provisions under National law; the selection of assessment methods; the organisation of assessments and the issue & control of certificates. 


The IMO Model course programme was introduced to provide guidance with a view to supporting Maritime training providers and to assist Maritime administration responsible for the approval of STCW courses. Major part of this course is relevant to personal from Administration, who supervise, monitor, assess or otherwise responsible for the assessment and certification of seafarers and to limited personal of approved training institutes. The course may also be useful to personnel of shipping companies who are involved in the assessment of seafarers.  


General learning objectives:

On successful completion of the course, the trainees should be able to;


  • To enhance the skills of trainees to administer, supervise and monitor training and assessment of seafarers in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 1/6 of STCW Convention 1978, as amended and section A-1/6 of the STCW Code. 
  • Apply the provisions of the STCW Convention concerning the training, assessment, examination and certification of Masters, Officers and Ratings,
  • Evaluate and apply the process necessary to implement these provisions under National Law,
  • Analyse national assessment, examination and Certification process needs,
  • Determine appropriate assessment methods,
  • Organise, administer and conduct assessments / examinations and
  • Demonstrate the ability to issue certificates and control the certification process.