Merchant Navy

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  • Types Of Careers
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Merchant navy

Merchant navy is a specialized industry which is fully engaged in commercial activities involving transportation of cargo and passengers through sea routes. Also termed as "Merchant Marine" in some countries, the field of Merchant Navy is an important part of the global shipping sector and is an integral component of any nation's economical development.

As the majority of the world's commercial activities are carried out through the sea routes, the field of merchant navy has far more prominence across the globe.


The term Umerchant naw/' means a fleet of commercial ships that are not used for military purpose. The ships and the crew of the merchant navy are a part of countrys commercial shipping.

The professionals working on these commercial ships are called mariners or sailors or seafarers or seamen.

The modern shipping industry has come a long way from the olden days of ships with sails. The modern cargo ships are massive in size and are equipped with latest and highly advanced technology systems. This invisible industry and its unsung heroes play a great role in the development and progress of the global economy.

Merchant navy is a global industry with several nationalities working together on different types of vessels. The industry offers excellent career opportunities both at sea and on shore.