Refresher course in Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (RPFRB)

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • SOLAS Requirements for FRB
  • LSA Code Requirements for FRB
  • STCW Requirements Related to FRB
  • Use of FRB on Merchant Ships
  • Fast Rescue Boat Handling
  • Safety Precautions during Launch and Recovery of FRB
  • Launching and Embarkation Appliances
  • Launching and Recovery Arrangements
  • Launching of a fast rescue boat
  • Hazards during Launching of Fast Rescue Boat
  • Action to be taken when called to Fast Rescue Boats Stations
  • Recovery of a fast rescue boat
  • Launching and Recovery during Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Recovery of Rescue Boat using Recovery Strops
  • Boat Handling in Varying Weather Conditions
  • Power Boat Handling
  • Righting a Capsized boat
  • Berthing and Un-Berthing under Different Wind and Tide Conditions
  • Going Alongside a Berth
  • Leaving from Alongside a Berth
  • Going Alongside an Accomodation Ladder
  • Going Alongside a Landing-Place
  • Carrying out a Rescue Operation
  • Man Overboard Rescue Operations
  • Treatment of People Recovered from Cold Water
  • Hypothermia
  • Pacing and transfer operation
  • Towing
  • Search Patterns
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Construction and Outfit of FRB
  • Characteristics and Limitations of FRB
  • Outfit of Various types of FRB
  • Inflatable Fast Rescue Boats
  • Rigid/Inflatable Fast Rescue Boats
  • Waterjet Propulsion
  • Emergency Repairs to FRB
  • Inflation and Deflation of Inflatable FRB
  • Use of Emergency and Communication Equipment
  • Two-way VHF Radiotelephone Apparatus
  • Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)
  • Search and Rescue Radar Transponder (SART)
  • Use of Various FRB Equipment, Including Safety Equipment
  • Immersion Suits
  • Anti-Exposure Suits
  • Thermal Protective Aids
  • Procedures for Communication
  • Pyrotechnics





The aim of this course is to provide those assigned to crew a fast rescue boat with the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently carry out those duties.


This course is designed to provide all personnel who are designated with rescue responsibilities with the knowledge and skills to safely carry out these duties.


The course meets the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW 2010), Table A-VI/2-2: Specification of the minimum standard of competence in fast rescue boats.